Studemont Group’s Customer Service Approach: BBB “Bigger, Better, Best”

College planning can be stressful but these financial experts make an investment in your family with unparalleled customer service.

When your family entrusts your child’s college search, financial aid application and scholarship awards to someone else, you want them to make YOU their top priority. Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC achieves this with stellar customer service by following the BBB model.


  1. Bigger: When you work with the Studemont Group, you have access to an incredible list of services. They will cater to each student’s need, no matter if they start working with them as early as a freshman or later in their high school career. Studemont Group helps students find the right school for them, by working one-on-one with a private counselor to build the optimal school list for your unique, specific situation. ACT and SAT prep courses give students a treasure chest of tips and strategies on how to master the exams. Students receive a personalized college scholarship eligibility report. That report, used in conjunction with proprietary SAT/ACT courses, can be worth tens of thousands of dollars in additional merit-based aid. Students have their very own Private NACAC Certified Counselor to review, edit & critique up to 3 essays. Studemont Group does an in-depth personalized analysis of a student’s chances of enrollment at up to 4 colleges. Families and students feel secure that the Studemont Group team is offering incredible opportunities for them to achieve their college dream.


  1. Better: They put a bigger focus on your time, convenience and peace of mind. One of the most stressful aspects of college applications for families is filling out the financial paperwork. Studemont Group completes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with you. Families also receive a college planning checklist with all timelines and deadlines. That checklist is updated electronically and emailed every time something is completed and/or missing. They will also hold meetings via virtual platform, so you can stay in the comfort of your own home while discussing your child’s future. The team at Studemont Group make your concerns their number one priority, often taking calls and texts after business hours and on weekends. Team members have even driven out of their way to collect a signature or two from clients, so clients don’t have to leave their side of town or fight traffic. The Studemont Group truly believes in ultimate customer service, even providing a scholarship in the past for children of clients.


  1. Best: Your relationship doesn’t end when your student leaves for their dream university. The Studemont Group shows their appreciation for your business by celebrating you. They have held wine tastings in their office, events at wineries and vineyards. Clients can look forward to a golf tournament. When you work with the Studemont Group, you become part of the family. You are included in their holiday parties. Their parties have ranged from magicians at a country club to Mystery Theatre themed dinners. They go above and beyond to invest in your family.



John McDonough is the founder of Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC, a firm created solely to provide comprehensive college preparation and financial services. After almost 20 years in the world of finance in private practice, John co-authored Secrets of a College Financial Aid Expert to help guide families through the overwhelming and often grueling experience of college admissions and financial planning. McDonough holds workshops and does private consulting for families and students navigating the college planning process.



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